Digital Audit

Digital marketing audit is a file which contains information regarding all the digital marketing activities an organization performs. It helps the organization to review their digital marketing strategies. Without audit, you won’t be aware of how you are performing digitally. It helps you to set goals which are realistic and also helps you set a benchmark  using comparing performance metrics.

We at SODS, help you to evaluate your marketing activities, conduct digital marketing audits for your business and find the loopholes. Our expert team helps you in formulating best digital marketing strategies for your business.

What is Website Design & Develpement?

SODS is one of the best website designing companies. We have best Web developer’s team on-board which helps you to get your best website. The year 2020 has taught the world importance of digital marketing. Every types of business whether small or large have their presence on the internet. In this digital world, a website plays the role of the face of the business. It creates the first impression of the business on the visitors who don’t know them.Thus, having a good website is the most important thing.

A website design needs to be customized and tailor made for every business to promote and sell their products and services. Thus a website needs to be well maintained and professional. So that the customers takes your business seriously.

Get the best digital audit services at SODS

We at SODS, help you to evaluate your marketing activities, conduct digital marketing audits for your business and find the loopholes. Our expert team helps you in formulating best digital marketing strategies for your business.

Site Architecture

Audit process requires assessment of the site structure, operation of the site. We assess your landing page, load time, security, etc.

SEO And Keywords

We check your SEO strategies and keywords. Based on the assessment, we provide suggestions related to keyword volume, organic traffic and paid advertisement, etc.

Content Marketing

Content is very important when it comes to digital marketing. Thus we access your content and provide suggestions to improve its quality.

Site Performance

Performance of your site is very important for digital marketing. Thus we help you to improve your search rank, domain and web hosting, page rank, etc

PPC Analysis

PPC marketing is a very important marketing strategy. We audit your PPC techniques providing you with the solutions to achieve better ROI. In this we audit all the paid advertisement activities.

Step One Digital Solutions Team On Website Design & Development

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How Step One Digital Solutions can be your Best Digital Partner?

Step One Digital Solutions as a company have realized the reach and power of using various digital media to reach out to their client base. Lets have a look on the process of how we decode the process of Website Design & Developement and what are the key points we focus on while delivering you ROI based Online presence.

01.Quality Content

We understand that a good website requires quality content. Our content creators’ team have keen interest in creating unique and quality content to serve our clients with what’s best in the bucket.

02. User Friendly UX & UI

Many Website designing companies concentrate on only on graphics. All the graphics you used is meaningless if the website is not manageable. While developing a website our team make sure to make it manageable for the users. So that the potential customers can use the website easily.

03. Speed

People don’t like to wait.It is necessary that the website can be loaded faster. Thus the website designing companies are constantly thriving to provide speed.Our team consider all the aspects which affect the speed of the website like graphics, website traffic, speed of the server, etc.

04. Device Compatibility

There are various types of devices as well as browser available in market. Thus our website developers test the compatibility of the website with various browsers available and make sure that the website of our client is compatible with the upcoming technology.

Step One Digital Website Layouts

The biggest collection of HTML templates, WordPress and ecommerce themes, Web Graphics and Elements online. Step One Digital Solutions are sharing few standard samples of Templated to understand our Work and Capabilities. 

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